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Today, the problem of charging caused by the proliferation of smart devices is known. Ending charges cause trouble for people. For this reason, we produce smart benches where people who have difficulty in charging outdoors such as park and garden can charge their smart devices and phones easily and free of charge with solar energy. It is a sophisticated product where you can relax while charging your smart devices on seating benches. Smart seating benches where we protect production rights with utility model certificate. Outdoor Seating Elements, Smart Bench, Smart Bench, Phone Charging Smart Bench, where you can charge Electronic Devices with Solar Energy or Mains Electricity, can be used anywhere in park, garden, street, street. It is a product that will make life easier for people who are short of charge.
Parks, Gardens and Other Outdoor Areas Phone Tablet Rechargeable Seating Elements, Aluminum Casting, Wooden or Stainless Steel Sitting Benches, Trash Cans, Wooden Metal Camellia-Pergola, Manufacturing and Sales

Phone Charging Smart Benches

Güneş enerjisini telefon ve tablet gibi akıllı cihaz şarjına çeviren akıllı banklar üretiyoruz. Akıllı banklarımız aynı zamanda aydınlatma ve ücretsiz kablosuz internet imkanları da sunuyor. Amacımız , artık insanların her an ihtiyaç duydukları şarj ve internet ihtiyaçlarını, sokaklara taşımak. Ürünlerimizin üretim ve satışı ile ilgili patent hakkımıza 2015 yılında müracaat etmiş bulunmaktayız.

Smart Benches

Smart Sitting Benches with Solar Charged Phone, Free Internet and Lighting.

Wood - Metal - Stainless Steel Benches

Specially produced in any model you want from Aluminum Casting Leg, Metal Pipe or Lama, Wood, Stainless Steel materials, or in any model you will show. Wooden parts of our benches are made of varnished or impregnated if you wish.


Wooden - Metal - Stainless Steel Garden Furniture, Seating Benches, Trash Cans, Picnic Tables


Wood - Metal - Stainless Steel, Trashes

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